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Welcome to Flattop Horsemanship.

    Whether it is winning in the competitive arena, earning a living on horseback, or simply riding for pleasure, Marty Gardner inspires quality horsemanship that conducts positive change in both the rider and the horse.

"Today, I will be the best version of myself for my horse"

                                                                   Marty Gardner

    Flattop Horsemanship's diverse portfolio allows you to choose the topic(s)
you are most interested in learning about.

General Horsemanship

Ground Work

Colt Starting

Trailer Loading

Problem Solving


Vaquero Horsemanship

Straight up in the Bridle

Two Rein


 Ranch Roping

 Low Stress Cattle  Handling                

Classical Dressage




Lunge Line

Working Equitation

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About Marty Gardner 

 Inspiring Horsemanship through Quality Riding Instruction & Mentorship 

For over 30+years Marty Gardner has been a fastidious student of the horse. Mentored by some of the world’s best horsemen and women, his relentless pursuit of horsemanship has built a mastery of vast understanding of the horse through a diverse portfolio of disciplines. 

A cowboy at heart, in his early years, Marty spent thousands of hours on horseback, making a living on horseback on some of the largest feedlots and community pastures throughout Western Canada. 

It was during those years that Marty was constantly sought after to help those that he rode alongside get along a little better with their horses,  there was something about the willingness and partnership between Marty and his horses, as well as what they would do for him. It was from there, that Marty made horsemanship not only his full time passion but also his career. 

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    Today, Marty offers elite Mentorship opportunities to a selective number of his long-term students, as well as one-on-one individualized coaching and riding instruction, group lessons, and clinics.

Riding with Marty

    Marty’s mentorship approach comes from a genuine desire to share his knowledge and experience with respect, trust, understanding and empathy. As a mentor to his students, he is able to share his life experiences and wisdom, as well as technical expertise in a supportive, individualized and results-driven environment, where his student’s accomplishments with their horse/s is limited only by the extent of their determination.

    “What is most unique about Marty is his ability to identify areas to improve the partnership between horse and rider. His vast diversity and understanding of many different disciplines from classical dressage to Vaquero brings so much to those he teaches. Riding under the mentorship of Marty has helped elevate what we can get done and accomplish with our horses on our operation".

Laura Laing & John Smith, Plateau Cattle Co,.

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