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"I have known Marty and Yvonne for the better part of 12 years. They have a tremendous passion for helping both horse and rider, and Marty has devoted himself to sharing that passion with others. Not only does he have vast array of experience in multiple disciplines of horsemanship, but He also has a fantastic way of asking the right questions that enable a person to find their own answers to the questions they themselves might not even know how to ask. Rather than just telling a person what to do to "fix" their horse problem, Marty's approach to coaching challenges a person to look outside their "box" and expand their understanding of partnership and horsemanship".


Drew Lindberg Working Cowboy/Horseman/Horse Trainer

“Marty has changed my world of horsemanship and I will be forever grateful. He has an outstanding ability to teach. After spending years, countless hours and dollars with 14 clinicians – I was still not able to solve my issue of not being able to get my horse to take the right lead. Marty solved this issue for me in our first lesson.”


Jen Kennedy, Riding Instructor at Love it or Leave it

"Marty’s teaching style, combines a high technical skill level with his ability to inspire and develop a critical thought process to horsemanship in his students. “Lessons with Marty are as much about self discovery and analysis of your current horsemanship as they are about helping to attain future goals for your horsemanship. “ One may not leave with the answers they thought they were looking for but they have a heightened awareness of what exactly they are seeking and even more importantly what matters to the horse".


Matt Rustemeier, Ag Sciences and Colt Starting Instructor at Lakeland College, Vermillion Alberta

“What is most unique about Marty is his ability to identify areas to improve the partnership between horse and rider. His vast diversity and understanding of many different disciplines from classical dressage to Vaquero brings so much to those he teaches. Riding under the mentorship of Marty has helped elevate what we can get done and accomplish with our horses on our operation".


John Smith & Laura Laing, Plateau Cattle Co.

"Over the past 6 years Marty has guided me in starting 5 horses - from first ride to taking them to a feedlot to being used full time. Taking lessons from Marty improved the horses in a calm, willing and safe manner. Good coaching shortened the time frame in achieving our goals. I also benefited greatly and grew as a rider. Marty is always willing to share his expertise, giving authentic support that helps the horse and human where they are at on a given day. If you are interested in English or Western, roping or colt starting, taking lessons from Marty Gardner is well worth your time and money"!


Clayton Gurr, Pen Checker/Horseman/Horse Trainer

 When I met Marty it was after I had been creeping on his Facebook page for probably a year watching him and recognizing that the gentle manner and the gentle demeanor that he had in his approach to horsemanship and the horse was something that I desired as well and felt that it was the missing piece in my journey. So I contacted Marty and made a trip out to Alberta and I met Him and Yvonne and I stayed at their home for over a week and brought my team penning horses and Marty revolutionized my thinking.


Darcy Brown, Horseman/Team Cattle Penner

"There is such a genuine kindness, a true and honest desire to see others succeed and a quiet joy in just being present in the moment that radiates from under that flattop hat".


Leah Ogilvie, HorseWoman

"Marty and Yvon are so nice to have out for clinics, Marty's calm approach to teaching really helps people stay relaxed which puts them in the perfect learning environment. Marty has dedicated his life to good horsemanship and has so much great information to share ."


Adam Thiessen, Horse Trainer at Petrofka View Ranch

   "Marty is a magician, able to analyse the problems and to establish a few solutions that achieve remarkable outcomes. When I needed help to achieve a good bend with my horse on the right lead, Marty was able to help me and my mare, psychologically and physically, accomplish that in only three lessons. Executing a balanced canter, as opposed to a chargey gallop, is essential to my progress.

Marty's lessons are invaluable".


Carol Stirrat, Working Equitation Competitor and HorseWoman

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