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Leah Ogilvie

“Is your desire greater than your fear?” That was a pretty powerful question from Marty the first time I met him in April 2019.

My horses have always been my safe zone, my place of peace and grounding in a life that wasn’t. I had a wreck with my 4 year old in the summer of 2017. My body healed but my confidence was shot. Despite watching my husband and sons ride this horse and hearing ”you are a good rider, you will be fine, just get on and ride” I couldn’t ride him without trepidation. I couldn’t even get to the barn and I’d already put myself in all kinds of “what if” worst case scenarios. Soon I didn’t even want to go to the barn and then the guilt came because I felt I was letting down this wonderful little horse who had so much potential.

A series of events and divine timing connected me with Marty and Yvonne.

I chose to be brave and ask for help….

“Is your desire greater than your fear?”

Yes, that’s why I’m here

“Does it have to be this horse?”

Yes, I’m not ready to give up on him or myself

“OK, then let’s go”

Marty has a way of asking questions and breaking down barriers to help create a true connection and mutual respect between horse and rider, building partnerships. He has a talent for for breaking things down and then helping you take those building blocks to create your masterpiece.

This horse continues to test me to make sure I’m worthy to be his partner, there have been challenges, but Marty has given me the tools, allowed many tears and asked questions that created so many “light bulb” moments.

There is such a genuine kindness, a true and honest desire to see others succeed and a quiet joy in just being present in the moment that radiates from under that Flattop hat.

Marty is more than capable of teaching all the fancy, technical stuff, but for me……he helped me re-discover my joy and confidence and that takes talent!!!

Tucker and I are crushing goals and I am excited to see what adventures await us as we continue to build our connection and partnership.

Forever grateful for Flattop Horsemanship and Marty and Yvonne

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