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A Bit About Bit's

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I once heard a very powerful quote from a very talented horseman,

There is one bit that works on every horse, a bit of knowledge

Pat Hooks

When choosing a bit to put in your horses mouth there are many options, but they typically come in one of the following categories, Snaffle, Leverage, Gag or Palate. Within each category there are many options, some more comfortable to the horse then others. Some multiply your leverage by 2,3,4, even 10 to 1, meaning if you pull with 50 lbs of pressure on a 8:1 bit your horse will be experiencing 400 lbs of pressure (something to think about).

When choosing a bit for your horse its very important that YOU understand exactly how that bit functions and why you have chosen it because there is someone very important at the other end of those reins,,, Your Horse!!!!!.

Marty Gardner

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