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We have the best friends

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

When Marty became ill in the fall of 2017 we had no idea the support, generosity and true friendship that would come into our lives from you all.

How do we ever thank you?

Wow, the two most precious words that mean so so much.

Jen Kennedy and Paula Johnson,Thank you, you both were with us from the start and helped navigate the waters through the hospitals and doctors. When we finally got the diagnosis there you were creating the Go Fund Me. I still get tears of overwhelming thankfulness when I think of how you guys just knew we needed help and we did not know what we were going to do. Knowing there would be no work as Marty fought this disease.

Paddy Storey, Thank you. When you live so far away and still managed to create an online auction that was again perfect timing for what we needed. My heart was so full from all the donations and bidding that came together. It was an uplifting feeling that you my friend knew how to make this happen and kept sending me messages to lift up my spirits.

Jenny and Malcolm MacLean, Thank you, to bring a community together of musicians, neighbours and the horse community and throw in an auction as well, I could not have known the impact it would have on us. I don't think I can ever express the gratitude we have for that event. I never stopped hugging people and thanking people and talking.

for the auction items to the donations to the bidding and people that just showed up to support the event

Thank you, Ryan Fleetwood for being the MC and keeping it all organized.

Thank you to our friends Laurie and Kasta on the doors, to Matt Robertson, Tim Robertson, Grady Brown, Chelsea Cunningham, Hippie Dave, Ryan Fritz and Hoss and of course you Malcolm MacLean, and a huge Thank you to the Santangelo's for providing the best Venue around, to the 250 people coming to show support, we were overwhelmed!!!. Again the timing was perfect.

Thank you to everyone for meals, visits, calls, donations, texts and messages there are so many people that we are thankful for.

For Troy and Jody coming and helping with frozen waterers, getting us to hospitals and being such good friends

For Craig and Carol and Kyle for replacing broken driers and dishwashers and the Mum for visiting to sitting with Marty while I went out. For all of this we are so thankful.

We are truly thankful for each and every one there are not enough words to express our gratefulness

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