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Watching him Teach again.

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

This September after almost 2 years off I got to watch Marty teach a private Ranch Roping Clinic near Nanton, Alberta and I saw the sparkle in his eye again, the passion for what he does.

I am always amazed at the ease of his approach when showing and explaining the inner workings of roping and cattle handling. He hadn't held a rope in his hand for so long I was not sure he would be able to do the clinic. Hah, there he was maybe a little slower, but back roping again.

Marty handles ropes like he has done it all his life and like it is part of his anatomy, an extension of his arm.

I had not actually watched him teach for such a long time that it was refreshing to see that smile when he tells a story or when someone was getting the hang of what was he was saying.

When they figured out how to swing and how there are so many shots and positions for catching, that smile comes out. When the knowledge increases the desire he does more and he smiles even more.

I love watching that part, it is like watching a secret being exposed and we have been included in the secret. I giggle every time. It does not matter how many times I hear the stories or watch or participate in the clinics, they always are new and exciting to me.

I get to share in the secret. I get to be a part of it. I love watching him teach.

I always wonder what will he share this time?

What secret will he tell? There are no secrets, if you watch, if you listen and learn

After all this time not teaching he still catches me watching and waiting for that smile from each participant .

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1 Comment

Jen Kennedy
Jen Kennedy
Dec 05, 2019

WOWZERS ! Love the new site and am so excited for the elite mentor-ship program <3

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