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The Mastery of the Hackamore

He said to me “Where do I get one of those hackamory thingy’s?” after my team won the day money at a local Cattle Sorting.

Why did he say that? What did he see? What did he think the Hackamore would do for him?, I can only guess that he saw my horse do some things he wished his horse could do.

Although it is a simple piece of equipment (basically a noseband, Mecate and a hanger), it has the magical ability to help you become a better horseman/woman.

It can help you learn things about yourself, it can give you feedback on exactly what you understand and what you may be struggling with. As a bonus when you ride in the winter you do not have to wait for the bit to warm up for your horses mouth, and they look so classy on a horse.

Marty Gardner

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