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What is the fastest, easiest way to get where you want to be?

As someone who started their horsemanship journey later in life I can tell you that I have learned The fastest and easiest way to learn and avoid wasting time is through Mentorship.

You may have all the desire in the world and work hard and put forth an incredible amount of effort, which will create results, but the results will never be as grand as they may have been if you had found a truly inspiring, knowledgeable, compassionate, experienced Mentor.

"It is ironic that so many people who have not studied the literature of riding, simply can't spare the time to do so. That they should cherish time is reasonable enough, for after all time is life. But the only way we can truly save time lies in borrowing from the experiences, to say time of others."

"Nothing is more wasteful than the tedious search for a solution to a problem which others have long since solved".

William Steinkraus

In this modern world of googling and Internet surfing there is so much to see and be entertained by in the world of horses, but is it the best place to learn? It can be quite a daunting place full of so much wasted time due to the vastness of information. The internet will never compare to visiting with a live person who has been where you are and is now where you want to be.

With so much information readily available I have found through hundreds of students I have personally worked with that although you have lots of access to information, knowing what information is important to know and what isn't important can make all the difference between learning something or possibly staying confused. And this is where the value of a great Mentor becomes priceless.

When looking for a Mentor my best advice would be to find someone who not only can do what it is you would like to learn, but has a way of teaching that resonates with you.

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